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Gautam Panda, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist,Division Of Medicinal and Process Chemistry

Design, Synthesis and Development of target based entities for
Cancer and Tuberculosis

Amino Acids Derived Natural Products and like Molecules

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Current Area of Research

• Repurposing of Selected Ongoing Clinical Trial Drugs but nonavailable in India as COVID-19 Therapeutics
In absence of suitable therapeutics for COVID-19, we are working to reposition few known off-patent molecules that are not available in India as possible treatment for SARS-CoV2 in collaboration with company, Ahmedabad through innovation of novel synthetic routes and filing patents on them.

• Atom-economic and cost-effective synthesis of Sunitinib, Nintedanib, Olaparib and Centchroman
Common people having median income cannot afford the treatment arising from using block buster anticancer drugs. The cost effective non-infringing synthetic routes are targeted for (Sunitinib, Nintedanib and Olaparib) since they are having very high selling price as well as high sale but possess low number of Drug Master File (DMF) and suppliers in India. Moreover, can we find out an alternative cost effective and non-infringing synthetic routes for Centchroman for its reposition as anticancer agents?

• Amino acid based inhibitors as dual acting ULK1 and HDAC for autophagy
The designed Amino Acids (AA) based inactivated molecule may be photolyzed using two-colour-two-photon strategies. Thus they become uncaged and simultaneously will be able to interact with the particular receptor followed by exhibiting biological response. Goal is to find AA based cage molecule as double acting role on ULK1 and HDAC to induce autophagy inside the cancerous cell.

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