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Scientific Directorate

Scientific Directorate

The Scientific Directorate is looking after five major portfolios viz. Director Secretariat, Planning Monitoring and Evaluation (PME), Technical Information, Institutional publications, photography and design, apart from Coordination with agencies, and other crucial management activities.


• Budget estimation and revised estimation

• Project proposal vetting and processing for approval of the competent authorities

• Regular update about grant calls

• Monitoring of funds of ongoing projects and day to day clearance of indent through the Real Time

• Budget Monitoring Tool raised by the scientists & other staff members in various projects

• Co-ordination with Finance & Accounts and Stores & Purchase

• Maintenance of all kind of project folders (more than 250 numbers) and record keeping at central place

• Vetting of expenditure statements, utilization certificates for ongoing projects and processing for approval of the competent authorities

• Digitized information management

• Coordination with Audit

• Management of R & D Portal of the ERPS

• Research Council Meeting coordination, preparation of Executive Summary and Presentation

• Project Monitoring Meetings

Director Secretariat

• Support in overall R & D planning activity with inputs from concerned stake holders

• Implementation & follow up reports on policy decisions taken by the Director from time to time

• Preparation of background papers/documents and policy drafts

• Collation and analysis of information pool for informed decisions

• Preparation of reports/documents sought by the CSIR from time to time

• Periodic performance mapping and reports to the Director

• Monthly/ Quarterly Reports

• Processing of scientific matters & budgetary requests for Director approval

• Any other activity as assigned by the Director from time to time

• Background work for recruitment of Technical & Scientific Staff

• Nominations for training programs

• Processing of staff nominations for honors & awards and fellowships

• Instrumental support in organizing visits of important delegations, VIPs, Industry personnel, etc.

• Event management

• Coordination of CDRI Awards for Excellence in Drug Research

Audio-Visual Unit

Audio Visual Unit looks after the audio visual and related facility of auditorium and meeting rooms/ halls for institutional scientific lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops, project meetings, selection committee meetings, RC meetings and other general events. The major activities of this unit are:

• Operation & maintenance of high end audio and visual systems to ensure smooth functioning during events

• Co-ordination with other facility section for smooth organizing of events

• Preventive maintenance of amplifiers, switchers, feedback suppresser, microphones, portable sound systems, speakers and projection systems

• Up-gradation of audio and visual system to make it compatible with available latest technology

• Operation & maintenance of Information display system in Auditorium Complex for event information

• Operation and management of Live broadcast systems

• Operation & management of information kiosk installed at auditorium complex

• Co-ordination with other section to maintain and renovate the related facilities of auditorium

Dissemination of Technical report

• Response to queries from various corners (Govt./ Non-Govt. agencies)

• Replies to Parliament Queries

• Communication within and outside the institute

• Management of database on Projects, Staff, Budget, ECF (External Cash Flow), Awards, etc.

Institutional Publications

• CSIR-CDRI Annual Reports (Hindi)

• CSIR-CDRI Annual Reports (English)

• Banners, Brochures and publicity material

• CSIR-CDRI Advertisements

Institutional Photography and Design Work

• Scientific Directorate is the core of institutional photography and all designing work. It undertakes given activities under its domain

• Scientific Digital Photography for all publications, Scientific Journals and Research papers

• CSIR-CDRI Advertisements

• Photography coverage of all institutional events namely, seminars, symposiums, agreements, conferences, lectures, farewells, colloquiums, and many such events

• Designing of Institute publications including Invitation Cards, Posters, banners, certificate, Brochures, Mementos

• Allied services under photography and designing like Poster designing for conferences, computerized graphic diagrams, drawings and charts, editing and processing of digital images for publications, etc.

• Maintenance and update of central Institutional Digital Photo repository