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Procurement Plan List 2023-24
Non Consumable Plan
Sr. No.Item NameQuantityApprox costNatureProject category
1-20° C Freezer5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
2-80° C Freezer5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
33D-printer with accessories1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
4Acoustic detector1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
5Aluminium Alloy Rotary Vacuum Pump-11 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
6Amplifier1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
7Analytical Balance5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
8Bench top refrigerated centrifuge with swinging out plate5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
9Biosafety cabinet level II5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
10BSL-3 Facility1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
11Capsule filling Machine1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
12Carl Zeis Stereo-zoom Microscope model Stemi 5085 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
13CCTV Camera5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
14Chiller In Liquid Nitrogen Unit1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
15Chiller pump1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
16Circulating Water Bath1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
17Climate Clock 5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
18Colour Laser printer3 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
19Desktop Computer  Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
20Cryo-bath with manetic stirrer-1  Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
21Cryocan  Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
22Cryotome  Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
23Data storage SAN/backup/ retrieval systems  Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
24Data visualization system for existing microscope-1  Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
25Defibrillator   Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
26Dehumidifier  Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
27Desert Air Cooler   Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
28Diagenode Bioruptor  Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
29Dissection Microscope  Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
30Dry Bath  Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
31ElectraSyn 2.0 accessories plus a CV package-11 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
32External Hard Drives5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
33falcan rotors5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
34Filtration/extruder Assembly2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
35Fluid Aspiration system5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
36Fluorescence Plate Reader2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
37Gel and blot documentation System5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
38Geyser10 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
39GPU workstation1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
40Haematology Analyser1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
41Heating Magnetic Stirrers5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
42Heating Mantle5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
43Homeothermic blanket with accessories with trimmer-15 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
44Homonizer for size reduction & liquid mixing2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
45Hydrothermal Synthesis Oven2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
46I.R.1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
47Incubator  Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
48Infusion Pump  Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
49Inverted Microsope with camera and monitor  Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
50Inverted Phase Contrast microscope  Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
51Light Microscope With Camera3 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
52Liquid Nitrogen Locator 6 Rack and Box System1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
53Liquid Nitrogen Storage Container (for biological samples)-11 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
54LN container-47 L1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
55Lonza Nucleofector 2B Device1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
56Magbtuc Sturrerswutg Digital Temperature Controller-15 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
57Magnetic Stirrer10 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
58Magnetic Stirrers with Digital Temperature Controller-110 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
59Manual machine for small scale capsule1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
60Micropippette puller 1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
61Multi-functional Laser printer5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
62Multimode Plate Reader 2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
63Needle hydrophone5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
64One digit weighing balance5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
65Oven with thermostat5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
66Patient Monitor1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
67PCR3 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
68Phoenix Winnonlin Software1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
69Photocopy machine5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
70Pipetteman sets5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
71Pipettes15 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
72Power backup10 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
73Printer10 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
74Programmable Lyophilizer1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
75Programmable Vaccum Oven2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
76Projector2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
77Protein Purification System5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
78Protein transfer apparatus5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
79Pumps-Non Recurring-2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
80qPCR Machine2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
81QTOF-Ion Mobility Quadrapole TOF high resoluition mass instrument Equipped with UPLC -PDA systems and other minor laboratory equipments 1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
82Recirculating chiller5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
83Refrigerated centrifuge5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
84Refrigerated Microcentrifuge5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
85Refrigerated Microfuge For With A Maximum Capacity Of 36 X 2 Ml And Speed Of 15K5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
86Refrigerated Shaker Incubator5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
87Refrigerator5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
88Rotary Evaporator5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
89Rotary Evaporator with recirculating chiller-1 and Vacuum pump5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
90Sanitary Napkins vending machines5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
91Shaker-Rotor1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
92Single Punch tablet Machine1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
93software and sequencer1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
94Sonicator2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
95Spectrofluorometer1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
96Split AC10 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
97Stability Chambers3 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
98Stainless steel Racks 5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
99Stop watch1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
100Swing out rotor and bucket for Hermle centrifuge2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
101SynLED parallel photo reactor2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
102Table Top Refrigerated Centrifuge model 5910ri, 5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
103Telemetry System1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
104Thermal Cycler5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
105Transblotter4 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
106Ultrasonic bath-12 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
107UPS5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
108UPS with batteries (10-15 KVA)5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
109UV trans-illuminator2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
110Water Chiller 5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
111Water Dispenser5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
112Water Purification System5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
113Weighing balance5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
114Western blot kit 5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
115Western blotting system with power pack-15 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
116Animal Imaging Facility 1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
117Ultra Sonography1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
118MRI1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
119Pressure Volume System1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
120in vivo image analyzer1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
121Live cell fluorescent imaging system2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
122Gamma irradiator1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
123Protein processing and purification facility for biologicals2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
124Micromanipulator1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
125Kilo Lab / GMP Facility1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
126Zetasizer1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
127Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
128Texture Analyser1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
129High resolution Raman spectroscope with microscope1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
130Industrial Lyophilizer1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
131Microplate cellular screening system with complete set of modules1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
132LCMS1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
133MALDI-TOF1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
134GCMS1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
135High-end Computational facility for AI based drug discovery applications1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
136Analytical HPLC 2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
137Autoclave5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
138Biological Safety Cabinet Class I & II5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
139Centrifuge5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
140CO2 Cylinder10 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
141CO2 Incubator15 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
142Cooling Centrifuge With Accessories5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
143Digital Rocker5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
144Dimmer stat5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
145DNA & Protein Transfer equipment5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
146Dry Bath With Standard Heating5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
147Electronic Analytical Balance5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
148Electronic Top Pan Balance5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
149Electrophoresis Unit5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
150ELISA Plate Reader2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
151Evaporator Bundle With Vacuum Pump And Recirculating Chiller1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
152Fly Catcher10 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
153Gel Imaging System3 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
154Glow Discharge Unit (EM Unit)1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
155GPU Based Workstation Server2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
156Heating block 5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
157Heating mantles5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
158Heating Stirrer5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
159High speed cooling centrifuge3 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
160High Vacuum pump5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
161Homogenizer2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
162Hormone Estimation Instrument1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
163Hot air gun5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
164Hot Air Oven5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
165Hot plate5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
166HPLC2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
167Ice Flaking machine3 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
168Inverted Fluorescence Microscope2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
169Inverted Microscope1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
170IVC System For Mice 2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
171IVC System For Rat 2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
172Laptop10 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
173Liq. Nitrogen Storage Tank With>5000 Vial Capacity5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
174Liquid Nitrogen Container5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
175Low temperature reaction bath5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
176Melting point apparatus2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
177Mice Cages20 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
178Microscope With Camera Attachment (Leica)1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
179Milli-Q Integral Water Purification System1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
180Minispin5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
181Mouse Ventilator2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
182Nitrogen Cylinder10 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
183Overhead Stirrer5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
184Oxygen Cylinder10 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
185pH Meter5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
186Phosphor imager1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
187Rabbit Cages20 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
188Radioactivity / Scintillator Counting Machine1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
189Rat Cages20 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
190Real-Time PCR1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
191RO Water Purification3 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
192Rocker Shaker3 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
193Rodent Stereotaxic Apparatus1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
194Rotavapor With Chiller5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
195Rotor For Cooling Centrifuge5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
196Shaking incubator5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
197Storage cabinet for acids3 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
198Ultra Centrifuge2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
199Ultra-Low Immersion Cooler2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
200Ultralow Temperature Freezer2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
201Ultrasonic Cleaner1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
202Urine Analyser1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
203UV Chamber5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
204V C Systems 2 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
205Vortex5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
206Vortex shaker 5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
207Western Blotting Instrument5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
208Xerox Machine5 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
209500 MHz NMR1 Apparatus & EquipmentsAll
210Anaytical weighing balance-11 Apparatus & EquipmentsExternal
211Rotary Evaporator Full Set1 Apparatus & EquipmentsExternal
2124-Bromobenzaldehyde, 98% 5800ChemicalsExternal
2134-Isopropylbenzaldehyde, 98% 2255ChemicalsExternal
2144-Methylphenylhydrazine hydrochloride, 95% 3280ChemicalsExternal
215Ethyl chloroformate, 95% 554ChemicalsExternal
216Copper(II) sulfate, anhydrous, 98% 1100ChemicalsExternal
217L-Histidine hydrochloride monohydrate 1750ChemicalsExternal
218Allylamine, 98% 1950ChemicalsExternal
219Trimethylsilyl trifluoromethanesulfonate, 95% 1150ChemicalsExternal
220Indole, 98% 1333ChemicalsExternal
221Thiourea, 98% 540ChemicalsExternal
222Ethyl chloroformate, 95% 554ChemicalsExternal
2232-Aminobenzyl alcohol, 98% 2000ChemicalsExternal
224L-Histidine hydrochloride monohydrate 4095ChemicalsExternal
2256-Nitropiperonal 19991ChemicalsExternal
2262,6-Dichlorobenzaldehyde 2308ChemicalsExternal
2274-Ethylbenzaldehyde 2109ChemicalsExternal
2284-Chloro-2-fluoroaniline 5827ChemicalsExternal
2294-(Aminomethyl)piperidine 2308ChemicalsExternal
230Palladium acetate 12540ChemicalsExternal
231PALLADIUM(II) ACETATE 10782ChemicalsExternal
232SELENIUM DIOXIDE 15818ChemicalsExternal
233Copper(II) acetate 4876ChemicalsExternal
234 4-ACETYLPHENYL ISOCYANATE 11528ChemicalsExternal
235 2-OXINDOLE 10962ChemicalsExternal
236Ethyl 3-aminocrotonate 2897ChemicalsExternal
2374-Methylphenyl hydrazine hydrochloride 98% (HPLC) 4569ChemicalsExternal
2382-Hydroxy-5-methyl-benzaldehyde 1837ChemicalsExternal
2394-(Trifluoromethyl)benzenesulfonyl chloride 98% 1089ChemicalsExternal
2404-Bromobenzenesulfonyl chloride 2505ChemicalsExternal
241Benzoylacetonitrile 7163ChemicalsExternal
242 4-Chlorobenzoylacetonitrile  9995ChemicalsExternal
2433,5-Bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl isothiocyanate 9662ChemicalsExternal
2443,5-Bis(trifluoromethyl)phenylboronic acid 6663ChemicalsExternal
245 Phenanthrene-9-boronic acid  5497ChemicalsExternal
246 1-Naphthaleneboronic acid 95%, for synthesis 4997ChemicalsExternal
2472-Naphthaleneboronic acid 95.00% 5597ChemicalsExternal
248ACRYLONITRILE >99% puriss for synthesis 600ChemicalsExternal
2494-Chloropyridine HCl > 97% puriss for synthesis 2700ChemicalsExternal
250CYCLOHEXANONE >99.5% (GC) AR 1050ChemicalsExternal
2511-METHYL-2-PYRROLIDINONE – (NMP) >99% 990ChemicalsExternal
252Phenyl acetylene >98% puriss for synthesis 6000ChemicalsExternal
253PHENYLHYDRAZINE >99% AR 1350ChemicalsExternal
2547-AZAINDOLE >98% puriss for Synthesis 9800ChemicalsExternal
255ISOPROPANOL ACS, ISO 2780ChemicalsExternal
256n-PENTANE >99% LR 3600ChemicalsExternal
257N-CHLOROSUCCINIMIDE 1000ChemicalsExternal
258N-BROMOSUCCINIMIDE  910ChemicalsExternal
259tert-BUTYLDIMETHYL SILYLCHLORIDE 4200ChemicalsExternal
2604-METHYLCYCLOHEXANONE  7000ChemicalsExternal
261TEMPO FREE RADICAL 3400ChemicalsExternal
2622,6-DI-tert-BUTYL-P-CRESOL >99% 850ChemicalsExternal
263tert-BUTYLDIMETHYL SILYLCHLORIDE 2100ChemicalsExternal
264n-PENTANE >99% (GC) AR 6750ChemicalsExternal
2654-BROMOPHENYLHYDRAZINE HYDROCHLORIDE >99% puriss for synthesis 4938ChemicalsExternal
266N-BROMOSUCCINIMIDE 454ChemicalsExternal
267tert-BUTYLDIMETHYL SILYLCHLORIDE 1446ChemicalsExternal
268CARBAZOLE pract. for synthesis >95% puriss for synthesis 4489ChemicalsExternal
269O-CHLOROBENZALDEHYDE 1347ChemicalsExternal
2703-CHLOROBENZALDEHYDE 1796ChemicalsExternal
2714-CHLOROBENZALDEHYDE 2195ChemicalsExternal
272COPPER TRIFLUOROMETHANESULPHONATE > 98% puriss for synthesis 2743ChemicalsExternal
273CYCLOHEXYLAMINE AR 99.5% 249ChemicalsExternal
2743,4-Dimethoxyaniline > 98% puriss for synthesis 6983ChemicalsExternal
275N-IODOSUCCINIMIDE > 99% puriss for synthesis 5087ChemicalsExternal
276METHANESULPHONIC ACID (anhydrous) >99% 539ChemicalsExternal
277Phenyl isocyanate > 98% puriss for synthesis 4589ChemicalsExternal
278PHENYLISOTHIOCYANATE >99% 3940ChemicalsExternal
279PYRROLE-2-CARBOXALDEHYDE > 98% puriss for synthesis 10773ChemicalsExternal
280THIOPHENE-2-ALDEHYDE > 98% puriss for synthesis 2244ChemicalsExternal
281Thiophene-2-sulfonyl chloride > 97% puriss for synthesis  3890ChemicalsExternal
282TRITYL CHLORIDE >99% puriss for synthesis 768ChemicalsExternal
283R-Binol > 99% puriss for synthesis 5187ChemicalsExternal
2842-Bromobenzaldehyde > 98% puriss for synthesis  6983ChemicalsExternal
2853-BROMOBENZALDEHYDE >98% puriss for synthesis 2195ChemicalsExternal
2864-BROMOBENZALDEHYDE >98% purified for synthesis 6484ChemicalsExternal
287tryptamine 6700ChemicalsExternal
288p-Toluenesulfonyl chloride, 95% 646ChemicalsExternal
289Methyl Trifluoromethanesulfonate 4600ChemicalsExternal
290o-Vanillin 2100ChemicalsExternal
2912-Hydroxy-5-methoxybenzaldehyde 4600ChemicalsExternal
292Acetazolamide 8800ChemicalsExternal
2934-Chlorobenzenesulfonyl Chloride 2500ChemicalsExternal
2943-(Trifluoromethyl)benzenesulfonyl Chloride 2900ChemicalsExternal
2954-Iodobenzenesulfonyl Chloride 2200ChemicalsExternal
2962-Chloro-4,6-dimethoxy-1,3,5-triazine 2600ChemicalsExternal
297Cinchonidine >98.0% 6484ChemicalsExternal
298Diisopropyl Azodicarboxylate (40% in Toluene, ca. 1.9mol/L) 4589ChemicalsExternal
299 2,4-Dichlorobenzenesulfonyl Chloride >98.0%(GC)(T) 7980ChemicalsExternal
300Ethylmagnesium Bromide (39% in Ethyl Ether, ca. 3mol/L) 10474ChemicalsExternal
301 2-Ethylphenol >98.0%(GC) 3292ChemicalsExternal
302 9-Fluorenone >98.0%(GC) 2993ChemicalsExternal
303 1-Iodo-2-nitrobenzene >99.0%(GC) 5885ChemicalsExternal
304Indium(III) Chloride Anhydrous >99.0%(T) 5087ChemicalsExternal
3054-Methoxybenzenesulfonyl Chloride >98.0%(GC)(T) 3192ChemicalsExternal
3062-Naphthol >99.0%(GC) 2095ChemicalsExternal
307 (R)-(+)-5,5',6,6',7,7',8,8'-Octahydro-1,1'-bi-2-naphthol >99.0%(GC) 4190ChemicalsExternal
308 Propylmagnesium Bromide (ca. 27% in Tetrahydrofuran, ca. 2mol/L) 7781ChemicalsExternal
309Quinidine >85.0% 10973ChemicalsExternal
310Quinine >98.0%(T) 5586ChemicalsExternal
311Tris(2,2'-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II) Chloride Hexahydrate >98.0%(T) 6584ChemicalsExternal
312Scandium(III) Trifluoromethanesulfonate >98.0%(T) 3691ChemicalsExternal
3132-(Trimethylsilyl)phenyl Trifluoromethanesulfonate >95.0%(GC) 12070ChemicalsExternal
3142,4,6-Triisopropylphenylboronic Acid (contains varying amounts of Anhydride) 11970ChemicalsExternal
315Benzylmagnesium Chloride (ca. 16% in Tetrahydrofuran, ca. 1mol/L) 9377ChemicalsExternal
316 4-Bromostyrene (stabilized with TBC) >95.0%(GC) 4090ChemicalsExternal
317Methanol for chromatography 798ChemicalsExternal
318Acetone EMPLURA 4360ChemicalsExternal
319n-Hexane for chromatography 4082ChemicalsExternal
320Hexane fraction from petroleum EMPLURA 4385ChemicalsExternal
321Acetonitrile for chromatography 1756ChemicalsExternal
322Ethyl acetate EMPLURA 6594ChemicalsExternal
323Tetrahydrofuran (Stabilized) 99.5% 3308ChemicalsExternal
324Diethyl Ether AR  1897ChemicalsExternal
325Dimethyl Sulphoxide for Synthesis  740ChemicalsExternal
326 1,4- Dioxane Pure 629ChemicalsExternal
327CELITE 545 FILTER AID 770ChemicalsExternal
331DIETHYL ETHER (STABILISED) LR 374ChemicalsExternal
332POTASSIUM PERMANGANATE 599ChemicalsExternal
333AMMONIUM CHLORIDE LR  229ChemicalsExternal
334ACETIC ACID GLACIAL LR  200ChemicalsExternal
336PYRIDINE LR 698ChemicalsExternal
338Dulbecco’s modified Eagles’s medium (DMEM) with high glucose 10380ChemicalsExternal
339Fetal bovine serum (FBS) 63000ChemicalsExternal
3401X Phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) 4087ChemicalsExternal
341Trypsin (0.25%), Phenol red 7914ChemicalsExternal
342Polyethylenimine HCl MAX, Linear,Mw 40,000 24587ChemicalsExternal
343D-luciferin sodium salt  33535ChemicalsExternal
3441X Hank’s balanced salt solution (HBSS)  5184ChemicalsExternal
345Antibiotic–antimycotic (100X) 8636ChemicalsExternal
346HEPES buffer solution  23887ChemicalsExternal
347U50488 78806ChemicalsExternal
348norBNI 20058ChemicalsExternal
349Dynorphin A fragment 16095ChemicalsExternal
350Acrylamide  ChemicalsAll
351Agar Powder  ChemicalsAll
352Antibiotics   ChemicalsAll
353cDNA kit  ChemicalsAll
354DAB  ChemicalsAll
355DMEM  ChemicalsAll
356DNA ladder  ChemicalsAll
357ECL substrate kit  ChemicalsAll
358IPTG  ChemicalsAll
359Protein estimation kit   ChemicalsAll
360Protein makers   ChemicalsAll
361SYBR green  ChemicalsAll
362TRI  ChemicalsAll
363Tris buffer  ChemicalsAll
364Trizol  ChemicalsAll
365Trypsin EDTA  ChemicalsAll
366Urea  ChemicalsAll
3671-Naphthaleneacetic acid 100gm  ChemicalsAll
3682,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid 100gm  ChemicalsAll
3693-Methyl Adenine (3-MA)  ChemicalsAll
3706-Benzylaminopurine  ChemicalsAll
3716-Furfurylaminopurine  ChemicalsAll
3726-hydroxy dopamine hydrobromide (6-OHDA)  ChemicalsAll
373Abscisic acid  ChemicalsAll
374Acetonitrile HPLC  ChemicalsAll
375Acetylthiocholine iodide  ChemicalsAll
376AeBSF 4 (2-Aminoethyl) benzenesulfonyl fluoride hydrochloride  ChemicalsAll
377Albumin Serum Albumin  ChemicalsAll
378Alexa-Flour  ChemicalsAll
379Ammonium per Sulphate   ChemicalsAll
380Annexin/PI Kit  ChemicalsAll
381Antibiotic-Antimycotic  ChemicalsAll
382Anti-Mouse IgG  ChemicalsAll
383Anti-Rabbit IgG  ChemicalsAll
384ATP  ChemicalsAll
385Bafilomycin A1 (Baf-A1)  ChemicalsAll
386BAPTA 4 AM  ChemicalsAll
387BCA Protein Estimation kit  ChemicalsAll
388Benzene 2.5lit Bottle  ChemicalsAll
389Beta-Actin  ChemicalsAll
390Bis-acrylamide   ChemicalsAll
391Bromophenol Blue  ChemicalsAll
392Calcium chloride fused  ChemicalsAll
393Carbon tetra chloride AR 500ml bottle  ChemicalsAll
394Caspase 3  ChemicalsAll
395CCCP  ChemicalsAll
396c-DNA synthesis kit  ChemicalsAll
397Cell Lysis Buffer  ChemicalsAll
398Chitosan (Powder)- 100gm  ChemicalsAll
399Chloroform  ChemicalsAll
400Chloroquine diphosphate salt  ChemicalsAll
401Chymotrypsin  ChemicalsAll
402CM-H2DCFDA  ChemicalsAll
403Co-Enzyme Q1  ChemicalsAll
404Cytochrome c  ChemicalsAll
405DCF-DA  ChemicalsAll
406Deuterium oxide  ChemicalsAll
407Dextrose AR 500gm  ChemicalsAll
408Dichloromethane  ChemicalsAll
409Diethylether  ChemicalsAll
410Dimethyl sulfoxide-d6  ChemicalsAll
411Dioxane 500ml bott  ChemicalsAll
412DL-Dithiothreitol (DTT)  ChemicalsAll
413Doxorubicin  ChemicalsAll
414DPX  ChemicalsAll
415DTNB  ChemicalsAll
416DTT  ChemicalsAll
417ECL Clarity Substrate  ChemicalsAll
418EGTA  ChemicalsAll
419Eosin  ChemicalsAll
420Ethanol   ChemicalsAll
421Ether  ChemicalsAll
422Fetal Bovine Serum (North American Origin)  ChemicalsAll
423Fetal Bovine Serum (South American Origin)  ChemicalsAll
424Fluo-4-AM  ChemicalsAll
425Fluora-2-AM  ChemicalsAll
426Formaldehyde  ChemicalsAll
427Gamborg B5 Medium (w/ CaCl2, Vitamins& Sucrose; w/o Agar)  ChemicalsAll
428Gemcitabine  ChemicalsAll
429Glutaraldehyde  ChemicalsAll
430Glutathione Oxidised  ChemicalsAll
431Glutathione Reductase  ChemicalsAll
432Glycerine  ChemicalsAll
433Glycine   ChemicalsAll
434HBSS 10x  ChemicalsAll
435HCl  ChemicalsAll
436Hematoxylene  ChemicalsAll
437HEPES  ChemicalsAll
438Hexane  ChemicalsAll
439Hoescht Dye  ChemicalsAll
440HPLC chloroform   ChemicalsAll
441HPLC Hexane  ChemicalsAll
442Hydrochloric acid AR  ChemicalsAll
443Immobilon Fote Western HRP Substrate  ChemicalsAll
444Indole-3-acetic-acid  ChemicalsAll
445Indole-3-butyric acid  ChemicalsAll
446Isopropanol   ChemicalsAll
447JC-1 Dye  ChemicalsAll
448Kanamycin  ChemicalsAll
449KOH  ChemicalsAll
450Lipofectamine  ChemicalsAll
451Lipopolyshacrides  ChemicalsAll
452Live Cell Imaging Solution  ChemicalsAll
453Luria Bertani Broth, Miller  ChemicalsAll
454Methyl Jasmonate- 25ml  ChemicalsAll
455MitoSox Red Superoxide  ChemicalsAll
456Mitotracker Green  ChemicalsAll
457Mitotracker Red  ChemicalsAll
458Mounting media with DAPI  ChemicalsAll
459Murashige &Skoog Medium (w/ CaCl2, Vitamins; w/o Sucrose &Agar)   ChemicalsAll
460Mercuric Chloride  ChemicalsAll
461n Butanol LR 2.5lit bott  ChemicalsAll
462N, N’ Methylene Bisacrylamide  ChemicalsAll
463N-Acetyl Cysteine  ChemicalsAll
464Nitch Medium (w/ CaCl2, Vitamins& Sucrose; w/o Agar)  ChemicalsAll
465Osmium Tetra-oxide (OsO4)  ChemicalsAll
466Paraffin oil  ChemicalsAll
467Paraffin wax   ChemicalsAll
468Paraformaldehyde Solution  ChemicalsAll
469PARP  ChemicalsAll
470PCR Mastermix  ChemicalsAll
471PEG- 500gm  ChemicalsAll
472pH calibration chemicals  ChemicalsAll
473Phosphatase Inhibitor  ChemicalsAll
474Phosphate Buffered Saline   ChemicalsAll
475Phosphate inhibitor cocktail  ChemicalsAll
476Plasmid Maxi Prep  ChemicalsAll
477Poly-L lysin  ChemicalsAll
478Potassium Chloride  ChemicalsAll
479Presto Blue   ChemicalsAll
480Probenecid  ChemicalsAll
481Propidium Iodide (1mg/mL)  ChemicalsAll
482Protease Inhibitor Cocktail  ChemicalsAll
483Protein Ladder Marker (pre-stained colour)  ChemicalsAll
484PVDF Membrane  ChemicalsAll
485Pyridine AR 500ml pack  ChemicalsAll
486Rapamycin  ChemicalsAll
487Rhodamine 123  ChemicalsAll
488RNAse A  ChemicalsAll
489Rotenone  ChemicalsAll
490RPMI-1640  ChemicalsAll
491Salicylic acid- 500gm  ChemicalsAll
492Salubrinal  ChemicalsAll
493Schenk & Hildebrandt Modified Medium (w/ CaCl2, Vitamins; w/o Sucrose &Agar)  ChemicalsAll
494Silicagel   ChemicalsAll
495Silicone vacuum grease  ChemicalsAll
496Sodium dodecyl sulphate   ChemicalsAll
497Sodium phosphate dibasic  ChemicalsAll
498Sodium sulphate LR 500gm  ChemicalsAll
499Sorbitol  ChemicalsAll
500SP600125  ChemicalsAll
501Spurr Embedding Kit  ChemicalsAll
502Steady Glo  ChemicalsAll
503Streptozotocin  ChemicalsAll
504Sulphuric acid AR 500mlpack  ChemicalsAll
505Syber green master mix  ChemicalsAll
506Tamoxifen  ChemicalsAll
507TEMED  ChemicalsAll
508Tetrahydrofuran dry 2.5lit pack  ChemicalsAll
509Thidiazuron- 100mg  ChemicalsAll
510Tiron (Superoxide quencher)  ChemicalsAll
511Toluene sulphur free 2.5lit pack  ChemicalsAll
512Tri-chloro Acetic Acid (TCA)  ChemicalsAll
513Tris Chloride  ChemicalsAll
514Triton-X  ChemicalsAll
515Triton-X 100  ChemicalsAll
516Trypsin protease  ChemicalsAll
517Turbo-fect(Transfection agent)   ChemicalsAll
518Tween-20  ChemicalsAll
519U0126  ChemicalsAll
520Ursolic Acid  ChemicalsAll
521Xylene  ChemicalsAll
522Zeatin- 50mg  ChemicalsAll
523z-VAD-fmk  ChemicalsAll
524Isoniazid  ChemicalsAll
525Rifabutin  ChemicalsAll
526Tris-base 50 ChemicalsAll
527Glycine20 ChemicalsAll
528SDS20 ChemicalsAll
529Methanol200 ChemicalsAll
530Molecular Biology Grade Ethanol 100 ChemicalsAll
531BSA (Bovine serum albumin)20 ChemicalsAll
532NaCL10 ChemicalsAll
533LB-Agar 50 ChemicalsAll
534LB-Broth50 ChemicalsAll
535Yeast Extract25 ChemicalsAll
536Tryptone typel10 ChemicalsAll
537Glycerol50 ChemicalsAll
538Agarose50 ChemicalsAll
539Acetic Acid50 ChemicalsAll
540Chloroform LR 80 ChemicalsAll
541Dichloromethane LR 80 ChemicalsAll
542Acetone80 ChemicalsAll
543n-Hexane LR 300 ChemicalsAll
544Ethyl acetate LR 150 ChemicalsAll
545Silica gel 60-12030 ChemicalsAll
546Silica gel 100-20030 ChemicalsAll
547Silica gel 230-40010 ChemicalsAll
548Ethylene glycol50 ChemicalsAll
549Ethanol GR400 ChemicalsAll
550Diethyl ether dry200 ChemicalsAll
551Paraffin Liquid Heavy30 ChemicalsAll
552Manosol50 ChemicalsAll
553Butanol AR 30 ChemicalsAll
554n Hexane (HPLC) 100 ChemicalsAll
555Triethylamine20 ChemicalsAll
556Ammonia Solution25 ChemicalsAll
557Glacial Acetic Acid100 ChemicalsAll
5581, 2-dicholoroethane (DCE)50 ChemicalsAll
559Sulfuric acid LR50 ChemicalsAll
560Nitric acid LR 50 ChemicalsAll
561Hydrochloric acid LR50 ChemicalsAll
562DMSO-d6 50 ChemicalsAll
563D2O 25 ChemicalsAll
564Sodium sulphate600 ChemicalsAll
565Potassium carbonate50 ChemicalsAll
566Potassium Hydroxide25 ChemicalsAll
567Sodium Hydroxide25 ChemicalsAll
568Sodium carbonate 25 ChemicalsAll
569Sodium bicarbonate 100 ChemicalsAll
570Sodium thiosulphate 20 ChemicalsAll
571Calcium chloride 10 ChemicalsAll
572Iodine 25 ChemicalsAll
573Ninhydrin 20 ChemicalsAll
574Sodium Chloride100 ChemicalsAll
575Molecular sieves 3 A25 ChemicalsAll
576Molecular sieves 4 A25 ChemicalsAll
577Beds 50 FurnitureAll
578Computer table5 FurnitureAll
579File cabinet 10 FurnitureAll
580Office Chair10 FurnitureAll
581Study Chair50 FurnitureAll
582Study Table50 FurnitureAll
583100ml Conical Flask  GlasswaresAll
58415 ml glass vial  GlasswaresAll
5851L Conical Flask  GlasswaresAll
58630 ml glass vial  GlasswaresAll
587Adapter Cone  GlasswaresAll
588Adapter Reducer  GlasswaresAll
589Column small  GlasswaresAll
590Conical flask (3 L)  GlasswaresAll
591Culture tubes (30 ml)  GlasswaresAll
592Erlenmeyer Conical Flask  GlasswaresAll
593Glass Measuring Cylinder 200ml  GlasswaresAll
594Glass reagent bottle 1 liter  GlasswaresAll
595Microscopic Cover slips  GlasswaresAll
596Microscopic Slides  GlasswaresAll
597Reagent Bottle (500 ml)  GlasswaresAll
598Sintered funnel  GlasswaresAll
599Spatula  GlasswaresAll
600Bel Jar   GlasswaresAll
601Dessicater vaccum  GlasswaresAll
602Drying tray  GlasswaresAll
603Flask pear shaped  GlasswaresAll
604Flask RB 10 ml  GlasswaresAll
605Funnel   GlasswaresAll
606Funnel Sintered 80 ml  GlasswaresAll
607Glass slide  GlasswaresAll
608Jar TLC  GlasswaresAll
609Micro slide  GlasswaresAll
610Petri dish  GlasswaresAll
611Pipette   GlasswaresAll
612Reagent bottle   GlasswaresAll
613Screw cap vial  GlasswaresAll
614Volumetric Flask   GlasswaresAll
61520 ml glass tubes with lid  GlasswaresAll
616500 ml Beaker  GlasswaresAll
617500 ml Conical Flask  GlasswaresAll
618Aspirator bottle  GlasswaresAll
619Conical flasks (all sizes)  GlasswaresAll
620Glass plates for electrophoresis  GlasswaresAll
621Glass slide storage   GlasswaresAll
622Pipette serological   GlasswaresAll
623Petriplates  GlasswaresAll
624Cell Culture Dishes  GlasswaresAll
625Tissue culture plate  GlasswaresAll
626WILMAD NMR Tubes   GlasswaresAll
627Condenser (spiral) 19/26 19/26 300 mm50 GlasswaresAll
628Condenser (spiral) 24/29 24/29 400 mm50 GlasswaresAll
629 Condenser (straight) 24/29 24/29 150mm50 GlasswaresAll
630Condenser (straight) 19/26 19/26 200mm50 GlasswaresAll
631Guard/Drying tube 14/2350 GlasswaresAll
632Guard/Drying tube 19/26100 GlasswaresAll
633Guard/Drying tube 24/29100 GlasswaresAll
634Round Bottom Flask Capacity (mL) 5, B14100 GlasswaresAll
635Round Bottom Flask Capacity (mL) 25 ml, B19100 GlasswaresAll
636Round Bottom Flask Capacity (mL) 50 ml, B24100 GlasswaresAll
637Round Bottom Flask Capacity (mL) 100 ml, B24100 GlasswaresAll
638Round Bottom Flask Capacity (mL) 500 ml, B24 50 GlasswaresAll
639Round Bottom Flask Capacity (mL) 500 ml, B2950 GlasswaresAll
640Round Bottom Flask Capacity (mL) 1000 ml, B2950 GlasswaresAll
641Round Bottom Flask Capacity (mL) 2500 ml, B2430 GlasswaresAll
642Round Bottom Flask Capacity (mL) 5000 ml, B2430 GlasswaresAll
643Round Bottom Flask Capacity (mL) 10ml I/C joint 14/23100 GlasswaresAll
644Round Bottom Flask Capacity (mL) 250ml I/C joint 29/3250 GlasswaresAll
645RB two neck (Capacity mL) Volume Socket Side Socket  GlasswaresAll
646RB two neck (Capacity mL) 10 24/29 14/23100 GlasswaresAll
647RB two neck (Capacity mL) 25 24/29 19/2650 GlasswaresAll
648RB two neck (Capacity mL) 100 24/29 19/2650 GlasswaresAll
649RB two neck (Capacity mL) 250 24/29 24/29 50 GlasswaresAll
650Chromatography column with joint/reservoir and PTFE stopcock Effective length cm O.D. mm.  GlasswaresAll
651Chromatography column with joint/reservoir and PTFE stopcock 15 1050 GlasswaresAll
652Chromatography column with joint/reservoir and PTFE stopcock 30 1050 GlasswaresAll
653Chromatography column with joint/reservoir and PTFE stopcock 30 2050 GlasswaresAll
654Chromatography column with joint/reservoir and PTFE stopcock 45 2050 GlasswaresAll
655 Chromatography column with joint/reservoir and PTFE stopcock 45 3050 GlasswaresAll
656Chromatography column with joint/reservoir and PTFE stopcock 60 3050 GlasswaresAll
657Magnetic Spinbars Oval shape, 5 x 10mm  GlasswaresAll
658Magnetic Spinbars Oval shape, 6 x 15mm  GlasswaresAll
659Magnetic Spinbars Oval shape, 10 x 20mm  GlasswaresAll
660Magnetic Spinbars egg shape 5 x 10mm  GlasswaresAll
661Magnetic Spinbars egg shape 6 x 15mm  GlasswaresAll
662Magnetic Spinbars egg shape 10 x 20mm  GlasswaresAll
663Magnetic Spinbars egg shape SS 316 Micro Spatula  GlasswaresAll
664Magnetic Spinbars egg shape 2 x 150mm  GlasswaresAll
665Magnetic Spinbars egg shape 3 x 200mm  GlasswaresAll
666Silicon Rubber Septa (Autoclavable) B-14 size  GlasswaresAll
667Silicon Rubber Septa (Autoclavable) B-19 size  GlasswaresAll
668 Silicon Rubber Septa (Autoclavable) B-24 size  GlasswaresAll
669Silicon Rubber Septa (Autoclavable) B-29 size  GlasswaresAll
670Silicon Rubber Septa (Autoclavable) 75 mm dia20 GlasswaresAll
671Silicon Rubber Septa (Autoclavable) 100 mm dia10 GlasswaresAll
672Separating Funnel 125 ml, B1950 GlasswaresAll
673Separating Funnel 250 ml, B2450 GlasswaresAll
674Separating Funnel 500 ml, B2450 GlasswaresAll
675Measuring Cylinder with stopper 10 ml100 GlasswaresAll
676Measuring Cylinder with stopper 50 ml100 GlasswaresAll
677Measuring Cylinder with stopper 100 ml100 GlasswaresAll
678Measuring Cylinder with stopper 500 ml100 GlasswaresAll
679Measuring Cylinder with stopper 1000 ml100 GlasswaresAll
680Glass funnel 45 mm100 GlasswaresAll
681Glass funnel 60 mm100 GlasswaresAll
682NMR tubes 5mm (pack of 5)100 GlasswaresAll
683Sample vials (Culture vials)-glass 2.5 ml  GlasswaresAll
684Sample vials (Culture vials)-glass 5 ml  GlasswaresAll
685Sample vials (Culture vials)-glass 15 ml  GlasswaresAll
686Sample vials (Culture vials)-glass 30 ml  GlasswaresAll
687Wash bottles 500 ml  GlasswaresAll
688Wash bottles 250 ml  GlasswaresAll
689Tubing, Silicon Rubber 10mm  GlasswaresAll
690Stand, Retort (600x12)100 GlasswaresAll
691Clamp (3 Prong), Retort100 GlasswaresAll
692Boss head100 GlasswaresAll
693Bottle washing brush50 GlasswaresAll
694Forceps 100 GlasswaresAll
695Wash bottles 1000mL100 GlasswaresAll
696NMR tube caps (100no.)30 GlasswaresAll
697Polypropylene Clamps 14/23, 19/26, 24/29, 29/32  GlasswaresAll
698Glass Stoppers 14/23, 19/26, 24/29, 29/32  GlasswaresAll
699Reduction Adapters Socket/cone 19/26, 24/29  GlasswaresAll
700Expansion Adapters Socket/cone 19/26/ 14/23  GlasswaresAll
701Glass Stirring Rods 9 x 400mm100 GlasswaresAll
702Filter Apparatus, Buchner funnel with Sintered Disc50 GlasswaresAll
703SG-4108 Syringe Needles 20guages 200mm50 GlasswaresAll
704Melting Point Capillary Tubes One End Close 100/pk50 GlasswaresAll
705Ring, retort I.D (50, 62.5, 75)mm  GlasswaresAll
706Seal Tube with PTFE Cap 15 mL, 30mL  GlasswaresAll
707Silicon Pipette Filler (Bulb)100 GlasswaresAll
708Beakers low form with spout 50mL100 GlasswaresAll
709Beakers low form with spout 100mL100 GlasswaresAll
710Beakers low form with spout 250mL200 GlasswaresAll
711Beakers low form with spout 500mL100 GlasswaresAll
712Beakers low form with spout 1000mL100 GlasswaresAll
713Conical Flask with rim narrow mouth 10ml200 GlasswaresAll
714Conical Flask with rim narrow mouth 25ml200 GlasswaresAll
715Conical Flask with rim narrow mouth 50ml200 GlasswaresAll
716Conical Flask with rim narrow mouth 100ml200 GlasswaresAll
717Conical Flask with rim narrow mouth 250ml200 GlasswaresAll
718Conical Flask with rim narrow mouth 500ml200 GlasswaresAll
719Conical Flask with rim narrow mouth 1000ml100 GlasswaresAll
720Conical Flask with rim narrow mouth 2000ml100 GlasswaresAll
721Test tube 15 x 150mm3000 GlasswaresAll
722Test tube 18 x 150mm3000 GlasswaresAll
723Liquid Helium  Other consumablesAll
724Liquid Nitrogen  Other consumablesAll
725Liquified CO2 cylinder  Other consumablesAll
726Strainer200 Other consumables 
727Strainer200 Other consumables 
728TLC Silica gel 60 F254 Aluminium sheets  Other consumablesAll
729T75cm2 flask 40635PlasticwaresExternal
73010mL serological pipettes 18108PlasticwaresExternal
73196-Well white polystyrene microplates  25428PlasticwaresExternal
732500ml bottle top vaccuum Filter 0.22um 21136PlasticwaresExternal
73315 ml centrifuge tubes, PP/HDPE, sterile 6750PlasticwaresExternal
73450ml centrifuge tubes, PP/HDPE, sterile 9500PlasticwaresExternal
735NucleoSpin Plasmid, Mini kit for plasmid DNA 7000PlasticwaresExternal
736Dust Bins50 PlasticwaresAll
737PCR Tubes  PlasticwaresAll
7381 ml Syringe  PlasticwaresAll
7391 ml Tips  PlasticwaresAll
7401.5 ml Micro centrifuge tubes 10000/case  PlasticwaresAll
7411.5, 2.0 ml centrifuge tubes  PlasticwaresAll
74210 µl pipette tips  PlasticwaresAll
74310 ml serological pipettes 200/case  PlasticwaresAll
744100ul Tips  PlasticwaresAll
74510ml Steri pipettes  PlasticwaresAll
74612 Well plate tissue culture treated  PlasticwaresAll
74715 ml Centrifuge tubes 1000/case  PlasticwaresAll
74815 ml conical tube sterile  PlasticwaresAll
74915 ml Pipette tips – all sizes  PlasticwaresAll
75015ml tubes  PlasticwaresAll
7511L Beakers  PlasticwaresAll
7521ml pipette tips  PlasticwaresAll
7532 ml tubes  PlasticwaresAll
7542.0 ml Micro Centrifuge tubes 10000/case  PlasticwaresAll
75520 ml Syringe  PlasticwaresAll
756200 µl pipette tips  PlasticwaresAll
75724-well cell culture   PlasticwaresAll
75825ml Steripettes  PlasticwaresAll
7595 ml Steripettes  PlasticwaresAll
7605 ml Syringe  PlasticwaresAll
7615 ml tubes  PlasticwaresAll
76250 ml Centrifuge tubes 500/case  PlasticwaresAll
76350 ml conical tube sterile   PlasticwaresAll
76450 ml tubes  PlasticwaresAll
765500 ml Beaker  PlasticwaresAll
766500 ml Conical Flask  PlasticwaresAll
7676 Well plate tissue culture treated  PlasticwaresAll
7686 well plates with transparent bottom  PlasticwaresAll
7696-well cell culture plate  PlasticwaresAll
77090 mm Petri plate  PlasticwaresAll
77196 well cell culture plate  PlasticwaresAll
77296 well plate (Black)  PlasticwaresAll
77396 well plate (White)  PlasticwaresAll
774Aspirator bottle  PlasticwaresAll
775Cassette for Embedding   PlasticwaresAll
776Cell Culture Dishes  PlasticwaresAll
777Cell Culture Flask (Non vented)   PlasticwaresAll
778Cell Culture Flask (vented)  PlasticwaresAll
779Cell Scraper  PlasticwaresAll
780Conical flasks (all sizes)  PlasticwaresAll
781Copper Grids for TEM  PlasticwaresAll
782Cotton Rolls  PlasticwaresAll
783Cover Slips  PlasticwaresAll
784Chromatography paper  PlasticwaresAll
785Cryo box 8 slot  PlasticwaresAll
786Culture disk 60 mm  PlasticwaresAll
787Culture Flasks T-75  PlasticwaresAll
788Disposable syringes 1,2,5,10,20 ml  PlasticwaresAll
789Duster  PlasticwaresAll
790FACS Tube  PlasticwaresAll
791Falcon Tubes  PlasticwaresAll
792Filter tips  PlasticwaresAll
793Freezer storage rack  PlasticwaresAll
794Gloves disposable s,m,l  PlasticwaresAll
795Grid Storage Boxes  PlasticwaresAll
796MCP tubes  PlasticwaresAll
797Micro Tips  PlasticwaresAll
798Millex 33 0.22 um  PlasticwaresAll
799Narrow Mouth Wash Bottle 500 mL  PlasticwaresAll
800Nitrile Examination gloves  PlasticwaresAll
801Nitrile Gloves (Medium size) 200/pack  PlasticwaresAll
802Nitrile Gloves (Small size) 200/pack  PlasticwaresAll
803NMR tube septum  PlasticwaresAll
804Petriplates  PlasticwaresAll
805Pipette Bulb  PlasticwaresAll
806Pipette disposible  PlasticwaresAll
807Pipette serological   PlasticwaresAll
808Plastic Box for Block Storage   PlasticwaresAll
809Plastic Jar for Necropsy  PlasticwaresAll
810Plastic Ring for Block   PlasticwaresAll
811PVDF syringe filter  PlasticwaresAll
812Real time PCR plates  PlasticwaresAll
813Safety goggles  PlasticwaresAll
814Staining Jar  PlasticwaresAll
815Sterile Autofill assembly (500 ml)  PlasticwaresAll
816Storage Slide rack (No. 25, 50 and 100)  PlasticwaresAll
817Syringes   PlasticwaresAll
818T-75 flask  PlasticwaresAll
819T-25 Tissue culture treated flask  PlasticwaresAll
820T-75 cell culture flask   PlasticwaresAll
821TEM Embedding Moulds  PlasticwaresAll
822Tissue culture flask non filter  PlasticwaresAll
823Tissue culture plate  PlasticwaresAll
824Tough Tags (Multi coloured)  PlasticwaresAll
825Transwell 0.4µm PET 6 well plate  PlasticwaresAll
826Tzero Aluminium pans with lids  PlasticwaresAll
827Whattman Filter Paper  PlasticwaresAll
828Wide mouth wash bottle(1 Packet/6pieces)  PlasticwaresAll
829Pipette tips   PlasticwaresAll
830Pipette tips  PlasticwaresAll
831Pipette tips  PlasticwaresAll
832MICROTUBES   PlasticwaresAll
833MICROTUBES 1.5 ML  PlasticwaresAll
834MICROTUBES 2.0 ML  PlasticwaresAll
835Centrifuge tubes 15ML  PlasticwaresAll
836Centrifuge tubes 50 ML  PlasticwaresAll
837All pin  StationeryAll
838Attendance Register  StationeryAll
839Ball pen   StationeryAll
840Calculator  StationeryAll
841Cello Tape   StationeryAll
842Cello tape brown  StationeryAll
843Cello tape transparent  StationeryAll
844Cello griper pen  StationeryAll
845Diamond Pencil  StationeryAll
846Double hole punch machine  StationeryAll
847Dura cell AA, AAA  StationeryAll
848Dura Cell-9V  StationeryAll
849Filter paper  StationeryAll
850Forceps curve pointed small  StationeryAll
851Glue stick  StationeryAll
852Gum tube  StationeryAll
853Highlighter  StationeryAll
854Index file  StationeryAll
855L. folder  StationeryAll
856Laser toner cart. 505A  StationeryAll
857Laser toner cart. 78A  StationeryAll
858Laser tonner cart. 12A  StationeryAll
859Laser tonner cart. 88A  StationeryAll
860Laserjet Print Cartridge - CE278A  StationeryAll
861Laserjet Print Cartridge- Q5942A  StationeryAll
862Laserjet Print Cartridge- Q5949A  StationeryAll
863Marker  StationeryAll
864Microscopic Slide Tray  StationeryAll
865Microtome Blade  StationeryAll
866N95 Mask  StationeryAll
867Note sheet pad  StationeryAll
868OHP marker  StationeryAll
869Paper cutter  StationeryAll
870Parafilm Tape for sample jar Sealing  StationeryAll
871Pen  StationeryAll
872Pencil  StationeryAll
873Permanent marker  StationeryAll
874Pilot pen  StationeryAll
875Register  StationeryAll
876Rubber  StationeryAll
877Single hole punch machine  StationeryAll
878Slip pad  StationeryAll
879Spiral pad  StationeryAll
880Stamp pad   StationeryAll
881Stapler big  StationeryAll
882Stapler pin big- HD45  StationeryAll
883Stapler pin small-10 nos  StationeryAll
884Stapler small  StationeryAll
885Sticky pad  StationeryAll
886Surgical Bone cutter Scissor   StationeryAll
887Surgical Forceps pointed  StationeryAll
888Surgical Forceps tooth  StationeryAll
889Surgical Mask  StationeryAll
890Surgical Scissor Big  StationeryAll
891Surgical Scissor small  StationeryAll
892Surgical Scissor small pointed  StationeryAll
893Surgical Scalpel Blade  StationeryAll
894Tags white  StationeryAll
895U-clip  StationeryAll
896Waste paper basket  StationeryAll
897White board marker  StationeryAll
898Xerox paper A-4  StationeryAll
899CSD-Enterprise research license1228633.6SoftwareAll
900LED Video Wall1 Apparatus & Equipments 
901Stereotaxic instrument for rats11000000.00Apparatus & Equipments 
902Phospholipion 90H3 Chemicals 
903Phoneix winnonlin4 Software 
904Computer assisted sperm analyzer  Apparatus & Equipments 
905High volume refrigerated centrifuge  Apparatus & Equipments 
906Shaking incubator with cooling  Apparatus & Equipments 
907Scireq - Flexivent  Apparatus & Equipments 
908XK 16/70 Column3426216Consumable 
909Packing Reservoir RK16/26183780Consumable 
910SUPERDEX 75 PREP GRADE 150 ML2278480Consumable 
911SUPERDEX 200 PREP GRADE 150 ML1139240Consumable 
912Mass Directed Auto Purification System  Apparatus & Equipments 
913Calcified Tissue Imaging Desk Top X-ray Microscope  Apparatus & Equipments 
914High Throughput Next Generation in vivo Small Animal Imaging System with X-Ray  Apparatus & Equipments