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Rajdeep Guha, Ph. D.

Principal Scientist, Laboratory Animal Facility

Animal Genetics,Disease Models

Laboratory animals play a fundamental role in development of drugs, vaccines and medical devices. They are essential for understanding disease biology and also for safety and efficacy evaluation of drugs and pharmaceuticals as per regulatory norms. Customary animal models are prerequisite for accuracy and reliability of data along with animal welfare ensured by humane and justified experiments. At our laboratory of Animal Facility, we are involved in generation and maintenance of animal models necessary for drug discovery and development, understanding of disease pathology in specific areas of interest, and quality control in terms of genetic background of strains and transgenics. We generate both surgical and non-surgical animal models of metabolic diseases, ocular diseases (cataract, retinopathy, corneal defects), surgical implants, skin disorders and wound healing. We are working towards standardization of some novel animal models necessary for drug discovery research and understanding of complex diseases.