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Sanjeev Kanojiya, Ph. D.

Sr. Principal Scientist & Professor AcSIR,
Sophisticated Analytical Instrument
Facility & Research

Analytical Phytochemistry & Organic Mass Spectrometry

Research interests

➤Development of analytical methods for chemical analysis (metabolic   profiling of bioactive natural product extracts) using high performance      liquid  chromatography mass spectrometry.
➤Identification, estimation and structural characterization of bio-active     principal compounds in herbs/extracts.
➤Development of isolation methods for biologically active compounds.
➤Discovery of New Chemical Entities (NCEs) by utilizing modern tools HPLC,     LC-MS or Prep/LC-MS from natural sources.

Mass Spectrometry-Based Research

Digital library of Indian medicinal plants and their metabolites is a mass spectrometry-based bioinformatics tool for new drug discovery and exploration of Indian medicinal plants chemical diversity (

•Identification of plant species based on their chemical fingerprint.
•Discovery of known bioactive compounds from previously unknown sources.
•Distribution of known compounds in different biological source   (Plants/herbs).
•Identification of known/new derivatives of bioactive compounds in different   biological source (Plants/herbs).

Tandem mass spectrum database for rapid identification of known compounds directly from crude extract using LC-MS/MS data (