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Prof.Ravishankar Ramachandran, Ph. D.

Chief Scientist,Molecular and Structural Biology,Sophisticated Analytical
Instrument Facility

Early Target discovery, Disease biology, and Discovery of New Therapeutic
Avenues against Human pathogens

My laboratory studies molecular mechanisms underlying the functions of multimolecular complexes and their components involved in:

⦁ Nucleic acid repair and metabolism

⦁ Feast/ Famine regulation

⦁ Type-VII secretion &

⦁ Host-pathogen interactions in Mycobacteria and Viruses

Discovery of new therapeutic avenues: The knowledge is subsequently translated to identify and optimize inhibitors with new mode(s) of action and with potential to overcome drug resistance.

Tools used: The state-of-the-art laboratory has all the required modern facilities and we use a combination of Structural Biology approaches like X-ray crystallography, NMR, Small-Angle X-ray Scattering, Cryo-EM, Computational Biology, and Cellular Biology approaches to answer research questions involving these pathways.

Brief description of research: Our work represents fundamental contributions to the disease biology of TB and in the development of new therapeutic approaches against anti-microbial resistance (AMR). Some projects are briefly detailed below: -

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