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                                                                                                              Guidelines on Advance Training Programmes

Advance Training Courses for the employees of R & D Institutions/ Pharmaceutical Industry/ Government Laboratories etc.

  • Under this programme the institute conducts different kinds of training of short duration in various disciplines (listed below) against payment. The courses comprise both lectures and practicals by our eminent scientists with emphasis on practical R & D aspects in a particular discipline. The programme is most suited to candidates sponsored by industries, academia and research institutions from all over the country and abroad.

  • List of Disciplines in which institute offers training

  • image01 Design and syntheses of new molecular entities

    image01 Isolation of natural products including marine resources and purification techniques

    image01 QSAR studies and molecular modelling

    image01 Modern techniques in NMR, Mass Spectrometric studies, Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy

    image01 Peptide chemistry

    image01 Modern methods for diagnosis of parasitic and microbial infections

    image01 Maintenance of protozoan and helminthic infection (in vitro and in vivo); breeding and rearing of vectors of protozoan and helminthic infection

    image01 Antimicrobial, antiviral and antimalarial drug evaluation (in vitro and in vivo)

    image01Recombinant DNA technology/microbial genetic techniques

    image01 Drug metabolism & distribution.

    image01 Drug delivery system; quality control and stability studies of drugs & pharmaceuticals

    image01 Clinical pharmacology

    image01 Tissues culture and cryopreservation

    image01 Molecular biology and crystallography

    image01 Identification, collection, processing and marketing of medicinal plants

    image01 Toxicity study of bioactive molecules.

  • Categories of Trainees
    1. Trainees from Academia/organizations
    2. IAS , INSA & NASI Summer Fellows, AcSIR-Dr.APJ Abdul kalam Summer Training Program
    3. Skill Development Program for Postgraduate Students (Click to Visit)
    4. Training in Instrumentation (SAIF)
    5. Research students trainees.

  • Eligibility

    Candidates possessing Bachelor or equivalent degree in Veterinary Science, Pharmaceutical science, Biotechnology and Science subjects and working in a Govt. or private sector and interested in training to maintain or to upgrade their knowledge and develop skills, are eligible for category 1, 3 and 4

  • Duration of Training
    For categories 1 and 4-5 duration will be 2-8 weeks. For Category 2, duration will be 2-3 months.

  • How to Apply
    For category 1,4 &5

    Submit the duly filled and signed application form (Annexure I) and enclose an official letter from the Head of the Department / concerned organization sponsoring the candidate for the training clearly mentioning the duration and specific area in which the training is required and a half page write up in brief about the work which will be carried out during the training period.

  • When To Apply

    Candidates can submit their applications throughout the year and letter to accepted candidates will be sent by speed post at the address of their HOD/ Head of the organization who is sponsoring the trainees. Meanwhile, selected candidates will also be informed by their e-mail.

  • Monitoring of Training programme & Certificate Distribution

    In order to improve this programme a feedback form will be provided to all trainees/ participants before they complete the training and will be collected back on same day. About one week before they will be given a certificate format to complete and return to the training cell so that certificate can be prepared in time and given them at appropriate time. Certificate to only those trainees will be given, who would complete their training/project work successfully. In case the trainee attendance is less than 90% in the lab without any valid reason the certificate will not be issued to the candidate.

  • Trainee Must Remember
    • To bring all original marksheet for our cross checking and a copy of all documents at the joining time.
    • Two colour photograph of passport size.
    • A Demand Draft of total fee in the favor of Director, CDRI Lucknow payable at Lucknow.

  • Training Fee
  • • Rs. 2000/-per week for research scholar.
    • Rs. 3000/-per week from Employees of Academic/Government Organisations
    • Training for Employees of other organisation and Pharmaceutical Industries will be considered on case to case basis.
    • Free of cost for CSIR employee’s children and those who join summer fellowship program Under IAS, INSA, NASI, KVPY Fellows & AcSIR-Dr.APJ Abdul kalam Summer Training Program

  • CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow-A New Initiative
    1. CDRI Lucknow is open to execute an MoU with few prestigious institutes of the country who are willing to sponsor their PG students for training and dissertation work.
    2. Director,CDRI ,Lucknow may waive off the total training fee for those who comes from socially and economically weaker sections and have obtained Gold Medal from their college/ university.

  • Specialized Certificate training course in laboratory animal science & animal welfare on CPCSEA norms.
  • Condidate possessing bachelor or equivalent degree in veterinary science,, biotechnology and science subjects and working in a govt. or private sector and interested in training to maintain and breeding of animals and desires to upgrade their knowledge and develop skills, shall be considered under the various modules of specialized certificate training course in laboratory animals science and animal welfare based on CPCSEA norms.

  • If you are unable to view file, you can download from here or download Adobe PDF Reader to view the file.

  • Contact Person

    For all kind of training, please send completely filled in and duly signed application (in the form of Hard copy only) to:

  • Mr. Vinay Tripathi
    Chief Scientist & Head
    Human Resource Development Division
    Sector 10, Jankipuram Extension,
    Sitapur Road, Lucknow 226031 (India)

    e-mail :
    Phone : (Off.)+91-522-2772450 Extn. 2471

  • Application Form for training(Annexure I)