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Research Interests

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Broad Area:Synthetic Organic, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Chemo and Bioinformatics

Design, Synthesis and Development of target based entities for Cancer and Tuberculosis
Ligand and structure-based screening of designed and synthesized chemical library against different kinds of DNA methyltransferase
Organic synthesis of target and diversity oriented natural products and designed chiral molecules through identification of new synthetic methodologies
Amino acids Derived Steroidomimetics .
Quest for New XM. Tubercular ATP Synthase Inhibitors
Asymmetric Synthesis of Trisubstituted Methanes as Anti-tubercular agents

Amino Acids Derived Natural Products and like Molecules:
Search for new methodologies towards alkaloids bearing multiple asymmetric centers
Employing Amino Acids and its inherent chirality towards chiral heterosteroid architectures and related seco/modified-steroids.
Access to enantiomerically pure polycycles and natural product like skeletons through tandem/domino reactions.

Chemistry around Chiral Trisubstituted Methanes (TRSMs) and xanthenes
Green and Organocatalytic enantioselective approach towards drugs/bioactives Containing the Tertiary Benzylic Stereocenter
Asymmetric synthesis of 9-substituted xanthenes as conformationally constrained Trisubstituted Methanes
New synthesis of arylarylsulfanylmethyl pyridines, another class of TRSMs

Use of β-Hydroxy-α-tosyloxy Esters as chiral synthons
Synthesis of benzofused oxaheterocycles
Easy access to sphingosines having long alkyl chains

Applications of Bucky-Bowls and Bucky-Balls as biomaterials and carriers
Functionalization of inert Bucky-Bowls
Imposition of dendritic core on bucky-bowls

Carbohydrate as chiral synthons
Linearization of carbohydrate derived polycyclic frameworks
Sugar embedded diverse bi and polycycles