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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a major non-communicable chronic disease occurring in India, whose presence predicts severe fold increase in all-cause and cardiovascular mortality. While the burden of CKD in India is unknown, its prevalence is doubled in last 15 years, representing CKD as an unmet medical need. Our research focus is to understand the underlying pathomechanisms in progression of CKD to identify and validate novel druggable targets using animal models of CKD. We are interested in following aspects of kidney diseases.

1. Necroinflammation in kidney injury and repair

An uncontrolled inflammation causes alterations in tissue homeostasis and lead to tissue pathology. Renal inflammation actively participates in renal damage in both acute kidney injury, as well as chronic kidney diseases. Inflammation and tissue injury are tightly linked processes that amplify each other leading to a vicious cycle, which is termed as necroinflammation. We are determined to understand the molecular mechanisms of renal necroinflammation during the progression of kidney diseases, which will facilitate identification of novel druggable targets. In addition, we will validate these targets in various kidney disease animal models using specific agonists and/or antagonists to modulate their biological function in vivo.

2. Drug discovery and development

We will screen the CDRI compound libraries in a systematic manner using in vitro assays to find potential drug candidates to treat kidney diseases. In addition, we will also test them in vivo using animal models of various chronic kidney diseases in a “therapeutic” study design with predefined primary and secondary endpoints.