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New Drug Discovery Group
image01Dr Sanjay Batra -Medicinal and Process Chemistry
image01Dr Sabyasachi Sanyal -Biochemistry
image01Dr Imran Siddiqi -Bio-informatics
image01Dr Manish Chourasia -Pharmaceutics
image01 Dr RS Bhatta -Pharmacokinetics

Vision and Goal
• Rational design, synthesis and biological screening of synthetic compounds and natural products for discovery of new drug
• Repositioning of bioactives
• Maintenance of the Repository of Synthetic and pure Natural Compounds for identification of ligands for new biochemical targets
• Recruiting compounds from other institutions for assessment of bioactivity

Core Competencies and Activities
• Rational design and synthesis of novel organic compounds
• Bio-evaluation of synthetic molecules and natural compounds for different disease areas via in vitro and in vivo models
• Computational approaches toward identification of new ligands for different targets
• Archiving of chemical libraries in the Repository of organic compounds
• Maintenance of records of the attributes of each compound with respect to analytical, spectroscopic and biological screening data via the Online Compound Submission and Bioassay Reporting System (CBRS)
• Maintenance of SOPs for all bioassays listed and formulation of decision trees for taking the bio-actives to translational mode
• Recruiting of organic molecules from other academic institutions for maintenance and bio-evaluation as prelude to discover new bioactives
• Analysis of PK parameters of Hits

Drug Discovery At CDRI
• Natural Source- Ayurveda/ Ayush
• Traditional Source-Inspired Lead
• Synthetic Chemistry- Target-Based
• Repurposing/Repositioning Of Drug (For Affordable Healthcare)

Repository of Organic Compounds at CSIR-CDRI

Repository of Organic Compounds at CSIR-CDRI

Compound Work flow- Monitoring by the NDDG

Preliminary Bioassay System currently operational at CSIR-CDRI
• Cancer
       o Phenotypic Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer
       o Target-based assays (HDAC, mTOR, proteasome, AKT-kinase)
• Parasitic diseases
       o Antimalarial (P. falciparum, 3D7 and K1 strains)
       o Antimalarial (Liver stage, secondary screening only)
       o Antileishmanial (L. donovani, promastigote/ amastigote)
       o Antifilarial (Micro and Macrofilaricidal)
• CNS/CVS disorders
       o GPCRs Profiling (5HT2C, H3R, KOR, D5, 5-HT6)
      o Anti-Angiogenesis
       o Anti-Dyslipidemic (Adipogenesis)
       o Anti-Dyslipidemic (PCSK9)
       o Anti-Pulmonary hypertension (Tyrosine kinase inhibition)
       o Anti-Hypertension (ACE Inhibition)
       o Anti-Parkinson’s Activity (Synuclein aggregation)
       o Anti-Parkinson’s Activity (C. elegans Synuclein aggregation)
       o Anti-Inflammatory
• Tuberculosis and Microbial Infection
      o Antibacterial (general)
       o Antibacterial (resistant)
      o Antifungal
       o Antitubercular
• Reproductive Health Research, Diabetes and energy metabolism
      o Diabetes (Small molecule GLP-1R agonist)
      o Diabetes Skeletal muscle glucose uptake
      o Osteoporosis
      o Spermicidal