From the Director’s Desk


Welcome to the new website of CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute (CSIR-CDRI), a premier institute which has achieved seamless integration of basic and translational research, and evolved as aunique state run comprehensive centre for drug research and development in Asian continent. Sixty-acre new campus, comprising of laboratory complex and R&D support facilities, provide a vibrant atmosphere for multidisciplinary R&D and human resource development.

Since its dedication to the Nation on 17 February 1951, Institute has always aligned its R&D programs to the immediate national needs and priorities apart from the high quality basic science for future challenges. During 50s and 60s, major focus was on technologies aimed for affordabilityof essential drugs.During 70s, 80s and 90s, focus was on unmet medical need. Several new drugs commercialized during this period including Centchroman(oral contraceptive pill) and α-β Arteether (Antimalarial drug). With the dawn of 21st Century, for ambitiousnation aiming to be a global power, Institute embarked on a massive modernization drive for global competitiveness its products and knowledge base. Today, with its new state of the art campus and capabilities, Institute is poised to serve the nation with renewed vigour and dedication in health and pharma sector at par with international standards. This new website of CSIR-CDRI provides an ample detail of accomplishments and opportunities in all aspects of its mandate.

Our visionary leader, Hon’ble CSIR President and Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi has delineated newer challenges and connected them to unmet societal needs and Grand Challenges.Hon’ble PM has given clear and unambiguous directions to CSIR on the way forward in the service of the nation, and the immediate need for ‘Parivartan’, a Change for the Better.

We recall with pride that CSIR-CDRI is known and respected for enabling socio-economic development in the country especially during the times where import substitution was the greatest challenge. It has systematically contributed knowledgebase for development of pharmaceutical industry. Keeping in view the expectations of nation and our visionary leaders, in the coming years, Institute is emphasizing on leveraging of translational research activities on a priority basis with time bound milestones. Several candidate drugs and leads for communicable and life style diseases are under fast track development.

At this juncture, I am aware that partnership with pharma industry is vital for successful translation of knowledge base from bench to bed side. We are looking forward for dynamic collaboration with national and international bio-pharma industries in our drug discovery and development efforts under a mutually beneficial pact. I also believe that Academic Institutions across the India can also significantly contribute to the new drug discovery efforts. It is my pleasure to invite academic institutions to join hands with us through National Repository of Organic Compounds and be the partner for drug discovery in the national interest.

Institute is set with best in class unique R&D infrastructure and facilities, including facilities for regulatory studies as per Schedule Y of Drugs and cosmetics act, Bio-informatics, Crystallography and structural biology, Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation, Laboratory Animal Facility, Compound library with about 80 thousand compounds, etc. We are expecting GLP certification of regulatory facilities shortly. Services of all these afore said facilities and also drug discovery are open for use by Industry, academia and other institutions.

Institute is determined to establish Biopharma Industry Incubator in its old premises, to usher a new era of Start-ups in the region with a main objective to support and encourage start-ups to become successful enterprises. Incubator will provide necessary and adequate infrastructure along with high quality assistance or services to start-ups in their early stages of growth. Interested prospective entrepreneurs may approach CSIR-CDRI for a discussion.

Nurturing human resource for biomedical research remains one of the priority for the Institute. Taking the call for Skill Development to empower the nation, Institute is gearing up for Diploma courses of short duration in various aspects.apart from Post-graduate training program. The campus is abuzz with academic fervour of the research scholars as well as scores of young graduates who come to the Institute for Post-graduate training.

The Institute also proactively engages its staff for interaction programs with schools and colleges. Periodically conducts healthawareness programs for the general public, especially in rural areas in a bid towards fulfilling its socials responsibility.Our Scientists are also interested to join hands with societal programs being organized by other organizations for a synergistic impact on the scientifically and technologically deprived society.

With its extensive experience in drug R&D and commitment to orchestrating with large teams, Institute is poised to contribute significantly to the health and pharma sector in a holistic way through products, technologies, knowledge base, human resource, entrepreneurship and societal activities.

Dr. Madhu Dikshit, Ph.D.
Director, CSIR-CDRI